ACSL is a four to six year total commitment which allows the flexibility to get involved in several different postitions in the league. New members start their year off in January and go through a Provisional Year where they learn every aspect of ACSL and are able to train on every project that we are involved with. We are a service organization, but there are various projects throughout the year that will requre more than just our service. As members, we are expected to support our fundraisers through service, fundraising and our own monetary giving.

Last year our members volunteered over 2,500 hours and provided financial assistance to many in need in Alamance County.


Find projects that fit your passion and schedule


Learn more about the community and organizations that we serve


Meet wonderful women that have the same passion for volunteering


Attend monthly meetings From September through May


Volunteer 25 hours of service (1st Year); 50 hours each year after