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About The League

Alamance County Service League is a nonprofit made up of generous
volunteers who have been giving back to their community since 1929.



An Alamance County where everyone thrives

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The League strives to uplift the disadvantaged members of Alamance County through community partnerships and service.


In 1929, a young woman named Jessamine Gant gathered 20 young women to organize a Junior Volunteer Service League for the Red Cross. These ladies met for the first time on March 1, 1929 and decided that countless services could be rendered during peacetime to relieve Red Cross workers of their routine duties. And thus, the League was born.​​


The initial members of the League were reportedly “an industrial group” who raised money for their projects through any means necessary, which included preparing jelly and jam, collecting old clothes, holding yard sales, and planning benefits such as bridge parties and community dances. The women faced tremendous challenges in order to serve their community, but they remained steadfast in their efforts. In these early years, the League performed services such as sponsoring adolescent psychiatric clinics, providing fresh and canned milk to needy families, fundraising for children in need of medical and dental care, and restoring Burlington's Dentzel carousel in the 1980s. 


More than 90 years later, the League continues to serve Alamance County with the passion and strength of its original members and the vision of creating a community where everybody thrives.



Family Abuse Services, Families in Transition (FIT) Program and more


The Classroom Project, Alamance County Baby Project and more


Meals on Wheels, Joe's Diner at Allies Churches and more

Interested in our projects? Consider joining us! See how you can get involved here: 

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