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Membership Levels

Alamance County Service League membership is a four to six-year total commitment which allows the flexibility to get involved in various positions and projects. New members start their year off in January and complete a Provisional Year in which they learn about every aspect of the League and train in every project. After the first year, new members become Active Members and are officially a part of the League.


We are a service organization, but there are various projects throughout the year that will require more than just our service. As members, we are expected to support our fundraisers through service, fundraising and our own monetary giving, some of which is covered in annual dues that vary by membership.

Active Members

  • Current members of the League

  • Serve a minimum of 50 hours annually to the League's projects

  • Required to pay $50 in annual dues

Provisional Members

  • First-year members of the League

  • Focus on learning about the League and its projects

  • Serve a minimum of 25 hours to the League's projects during their first year

  • Required to pay $25 in annual dues

Honorary Members

  • Alumni members of the League

  • Served the minimum hours requirement to the League's projects

  • Serve for at least four years

Honorary Active Members

  • Alumni members of the League

  • Continue to serve at least 10 hours annually 

  • Pay $10 in annual dues

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