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Special Services

Guidelines for Requesting Funds

The Alamance County Service League’s Special Services Fund is designed to assist individuals

and families in need throughout Alamance County. 

All requests require referral from a valid governmental or social service agency,
non-profit agency, 
or school faculty/staff. 


What we will consider for funding requests --

  • Assistance with special projects or needs not funded by government or social service agencies 

    • Examples include but not limited to prescription/medical supplies, home repairs, educational necessities, etc.

  • Assistance with covering the costs of necessities such as food and clothing 

  • Assistance with utilities and/or rent (these funds are very limited with a $300 maximum)

  • We are unable to help with repossessions or evictions. 


How to request funds -- 

  • Complete the included Special Services Funding Application 

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted 

  • Submit the completed application online or print and email to


All requests require up to 7 business days for review.  If application is accepted, funding will be provided by check only and mailed directly to the business/agency/owner to which the funding is due. Online and phone payments will not be considered. Payment may take up to one week after review to be sent and up to 30 days to be received. 

Requests that will not be considered -- 

  • Requests from individuals/families who have already received funds from the Alamance County Service League in the last 365 days 

  • Requests lacking an appropriate referral agency 

  • Incomplete applications


Please contact Alamance County Service League’s Special Services Fund with any questions at 

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