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An all new

When we embarked on the journey of giving Alamance County Service League a "facelift" in late 2019, we could have never imagined how things would turn out. There was excitement and anticipation for a new brand that spoke to both the League's history but also its modern, diverse membership. We wanted a site that spoke to what the League is and how our members continue to drive the mission of our organization - all through volunteerism.

When we launched the project with Crosby Melendi of Crosby Grace Consulting in early January 2020, we were on target to reveal our new logo, brand guidelines and website at our annual luncheon on April 4. Of course, that was all before this year got flipped upside down.

As our world transitioned to staying at home, our annual luncheon was postponed, League projects were cancelled and it just didn't feel like the right time to celebrate our successful rebrand although we went ahead and started changing things over.

Over the last 10 weeks, the branding project came to an end as Crosby handed us a beautiful new website. There were still things to be completed on the backend by League members, but there it was - sitting in cyberspace just waiting for us to hit the button.

After several weeks of discussions and even more hours of learning how to continue building a website, we are very excited to show off the work that our members, alongside Crosby Melendi, developed to help Alamance County Service League continue to be a staple of service in our great community for many more years to come!

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