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Thank you to the United Way of Alamance County #Help4Alamance

Like the Helen Keller quote from our website's homepage says, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." This quote stand truer than ever as we say "Thank you" to United Way of Alamance County. In early May, our Board was notified that Alamance County Service League was selected as a recipient of a grant as part of the United Way's #Help4Alamance COVID relief grant program.

While the League also raised money as part of our own Coronavirus Relief Fund, our members knew that the needs of people in Alamance County would continue to grow as time went on. The #Help4Alamance grant from the United Way of Alamance County will be used to provide for our Families in Transition (FIT) Program supporting families identified through the McKinney Vento Act with Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS) and also the League's own Coronavirus Relief Fund to support families with needs due to circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The League cannot thank the United Way of Alamance County enough for their consideration and continued leadership within our community.

If individuals, families or organizations within Alamance County need assistance through the League's volunteer efforts or financially, please use the Request for Funding/Assistance button on our homepage.

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